Carole Towriss - Kazak Samsa

We have four children. The younger three are adopted from Kazakhstan. Washington, DC is a very multicultural area, and the elementary schools each year celebrate International Night.  Kids bring dishes from their home countries, wear national dress, share dances, etc.

In Kazakhstan they eat a lot of mutton and horse meat, and they don’t eat dessert as we know it, so it took a while before we found a dish that would please little kids. We think this one is a hit. It can be made with meat, but the sweet version is our favorite.





6 oz Walnuts, shelled, crushed
1 ½ T Sugar
1 ½ T Butter, unsalted, softened

Mix all ingredients together and set aside



You can use any dough recipe you like, or cheat like I do and buy the premade kind. J

Roll the dough out to about 18” by 16”.  Cut into 2” squares.  Place a teaspoon of filling in each square and draw the four corners to the middle, or fold over to a triangle. Pinch to seal.  Place on greased baking sheet. Bake until golden brown.



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