Amanda Cabot’s Blueberry Delight

I discovered this recipe at Hemlock Inn, a wonderful country inn in the Smoky Mountains, and liked it so much that I decided to tweak it to make it healthy as well as delicious.  It takes a bit of time to arrange the layers of fruit, but my family agrees that it’s worth the effort.  Enjoy!

Blueberry Delight


Using the steel knife of a food processor or a blender, process until smooth:

1 cup fat-free cottage cheese

1 cup sugar

Add and blend until smooth:

2 cups fat-free plain yogurt

Layer in a 9x13 pyrex pan:

2 cups GrapeNuts or similar cereal  (I use store brands.)

3 bananas, thinly sliced (about ¼ inch thick)  (Assuming that you use medium-sized bananas, the slices should cover the crust.)

½ of the topping  (I’ve found that it works best to spoon it over the fruit.)

1 pint of blueberries, rinsed and drained  (You should have a single layer of berries.)

Remaining topping 

Cover and chill thoroughly before serving. 

Makes 12 servings.

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