Winnie's Griggs - GINGER SNAP PIE

WELCOME! Winnie Griggs 

The heroine in my June book, A Baby Between Them, earns extra money by selling pies and cookies. She likes to experiment with new recipes and while this is not a pie she would have prepared, it is one I developed during one of my own ‘experiments’. It also has the benefit of being ‘no cook’ and has a tasty low calorie version.

Ginger Snap Pie

• 2 pounds ginger snap cookies
• 1 4oz package vanilla instant pudding mix prepared to package directions
• 1 16 oz tub whipped cream topping, thawed
• 1 square dish approx 9x9
• Chopped nuts (optional)

• Combine pudding and 1/2 of whipped cream
• Take a cookie and spread one side with a generous dollop of pudding mixture.
• Place cookie in dish standing vertically with pudding side against the side of the dish.
• Repeat process until bowl is filled. (You may not use all cookies, depending on dimension of dish and how much filling you put between cookies)
• Cover with remaining whipped cream
• Sprinkle chopped nuts on top if desired
• Refrigerate until ready to serve

• Best if allowed to chill at least two hours or overnight
• For a lower calorie alternative, you can find fat free/sugar free versions of all ingredients

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  1. Love gingersnaps. This looks like a cool recipe. I will make today. The book sounds interesting, too.

  2. Hello Jean - glad you like the looks of the recipe, it's really great on a hot summer day. Let me know how it turns out for you.

  3. yummm! I love gingersnaps. This sounds great.

  4. Hi Cheryl! If you like gingersnaps then you definitely should enjoy this one.

  5. Hey Rhonda!

    Great blog. How did I miss you have a recipe blog? The pie sounds delicious, Winnie.


  6. Hey Beth! I don't know but you are welcome to post your own recipes here any time :)

  7. Beth, thanks for stopping by. If you try the recipe, please let mee know how you like it.