Golden Keyes Parsons- Chess Pie

What in the World is Chess Pie?

One of the questions I have been asked the most concerning my latest release, His Steadfast Love, a Civil War novel set in Texas, is "What is chess pie?"


Interestingly enough in the opening scene Amanda Belle, the southern protagonist, is cutting pies at dinner-on-the-grounds and the hero, Captain Kent Littlefield, a Union officer stationed near their home before the war starts, wonders the same thing. She serves him some of her servant, Elsie's, famous chess pie -- and he's hooked.

I never dreamed that even southerners might not know what chess pie is. So I am providing a recipe for buttermilk chess pie for you. I think I initially got the recipe out of Southern Living magazine. It's a gooey, custardy, sweet, delectable standard dessert in many Southern homes. And it's easy to make. Here are the directions! This one recipe makes two pies. Try it -- I'll bet you'll be hooked just like Captain Kent Littlefield!



2 - 9 or 10 " pie crust, unbaked

6 eggs
3 cups sugar (I usually don't use a full 3 cups - about 2 1/2)
2 sticks softened real butter
Mix above until light.
Add: 2 tsps vanilla & 1 cup buttermilk
Pour into pie shells. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Reduce oven to 325 and bake for 30 minutes or until firm in middle.


  1. Absolutely love chess pie in all its forms.

  2. Yes, Frances, I do too, and it is so easy to make!